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Zend Certified PHP EngineerBelow is a small sample of work I have done over the years. Of course, some of the work I have done cannot be publicly shared because of non-disclosure agreements. I have been working professionally in the NYC agency world since about 2006 in addition to freelancing since about 2001. I have built sites both big and small and integrated all kinds of 3rd party services.

Most notably while working at Organic, Inc., I was the lead developer on the web site for most of 2012. This was the first iteration of their #NOW campaign. The site has since been completely re-done. I was tasked with working with an existing code base that had some real problems. The site was built on a LAMP stack using Symfony 1.1 and needed a lot of database optimizations and code re-factoring. I lead a team of 3 to maintain and update the site while rewriting key parts of the application.

I have also worked quite a bit in the pharmaceutical biz and built a lot of iPad applications using Sales Force and iRep. This is usually front-end work but sometimes requires some session stuff and/or using iRep's internal database. This work includes a lot of chart animations from simple to complex, layouts and UI stuff. I like working on these because there's only 1 platform which allows you to leverage the full range of CSS3 & HTML5 without worrying about compatibility!

More detailed work & code samples and/or information is available upon request.

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Live Samples

Columbia University's Gutenberg-e program (from 2006-7)

This is an e-book web site for a program Columbia University runs for publishing first-time authors work. I was responsible for creating a new template for the subsequent releases. This was in 2006 so at the time IE 7 had just come out and we had to solve the compatibility issues that came up for both IE 6 and 7. Moreover, I had to solve unique problems for each book as they all had their own supplemental media. For example, How Taiwan Became Chinese required a Flash application called Zoomify which, for this purpose, was used to view maps of the various regions discussed. Users can zoom in and out of the map and move it around to see details. Many books also used one or more foreign languages including Chinese, German and French.

In addition to designing the template, I also built the conversion tool that would generate clean HTML files from MS Word manuscripts. I also designed some of the e-book covers for those authors that needed one and liked my suggestions. The following are links to the specific e-books I built: :: web :: work samples
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